Beagle is written in C# using Mono and Gtk#. The indexing is handled by DotLucene, a C# port of the Lucene indexer. The source code lives in the GNOME CVS repository under the module beagle.

Beagle is still in an early stage of development, and contributions are encouraged. Patches can be attached to bugs in Bugzilla under the product beagle.

A Hacking Guide is under development. This is only partially complete but should be useful for those willing to improve their understanding of Beagle.

Wondering how to make Beagle understand, parse and index that .xyz file in your home directory? If it is a widely used format, chances are they are already recognized. Otherwise, you are stuck with writing your own filter. Check Beagle Filter Anatomy for a brief technical overview. You only need a working beagle installation to write and build a filter. Of course, to use many other utility methods already defined in Beagle and to view some example filter, you need the Beagle source. And dont forget to inform other Beagle users if you write some cool filter.

Other helpful links:

  • Beagle source code (ViewCVS)
  • Outstanding bugs
  • Outstanding FIXMEs
  • Mailing list subscription
  • Mailing list archives
  • CIA Project Status
  • Authors list

Related projects:

  • Kat Desktop Search Environment. KDE Beagle equivalent, coded in C++, uses the C port of Lucene (cLucene) and inotify. Their wiki contains valuable information, like screenshots of other desktop search tools.
  • Tenor: The Contextual Linkage Engine. This project is at its very beginning, but aims at goals broader than what Beagle is doing (contextual queries, ...). There is not much in the subversion repository yet. This paper is worth a read.

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